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Volunteer Management System for Quakertown Food Pantry

The Quakertown Food Pantry currently manages its volunteers using old-school desktop calendars taped

About this Giving Opportunity

122% Funded


Donated of $3,000.00

This is incredibly labor-intensive for our Volunteer Coordinator. When people need to cancel, they call or text her, and she has to find a replacement. When I became the Board President, I wanted to fix this for her and future Volunteer Coordinators by implementing a Volunteer Management System. The VMS we chose is called BetterImpact. It’s extremely powerful but more complicated than anticipated, and we need help with implementation.

Additionally, we need an iPad mounted securely at the pantry for our volunteers to scan into their shifts, sign paperwork, and conduct mandatory training.

This software allows us to generate QR codes for each volunteer so that they can be printed on badges to use to scan in. So we would like printed badges and lanyards.

Milestone Description

iPad to use as a kiosk for volunteers to scan in and out of their shifts: $400

Secure, anti-theft wall mount for iPad: $200

Printed badges for volunteers to use to scan in and out of shifts: $200

Lanyards for the badges (optional, nice to have): $900

Badge printer: $550

Blank badges: $50

Water dispenser: $350

1 Dolly for Volunteers to use to transport food: $100

New table for donation station: $100

Total Fundraising Goal:$2850



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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, 18951, United States

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