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Maasai Village Water Well

Providing Clean Water to Egoyasi Maasai Village - Tanzania: A Call for Support

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Note: Appfire Town has generously pledged to match the first $10,000 USD donated, doubling the impact of your contribution.

Providing Clean Water to Egoyasi Village: A Call for Support

During our recent visit to Moshi, Tanzania in April 2024, our team had the opportunity to engage with the Maasai families residing in the Engoyasi Village. Among the various challenges facing this community, one critical issue stood out – the lack of access to clean water. In response to this pressing need, we are initiating a fundraising campaign aimed at drilling a well to provide a sustainable solution to the water scarcity in the village.

The Water Crisis: Engoyasi Village, a home to nearly 2,000 people, grapples with a dire shortage of water resources. Villagers, predominantly Maasai families, face the task of trekking up to 3 miles to access government provided water sources. However, with the changing weather patterns over the past eight years, exacerbated by climate change, the situation has deteriorated significantly. What was once a manageable inconvenience has now escalated into a crisis, particularly impacting the most vulnerable members of the community, such as children who forgo education to prioritize obtaining water for their families.

Our Initiative: Our team has collaborated with the local tribe to identify a suitable location for drilling a well. We have engaged a reputable company to conduct test drills in the identified area, laying the groundwork for the installation of a sustainable water source. However the realization of this project hinges on securing adequate funding.

Fundraising Goal: We estimate the total cost of drilling the well and establishing the necessary infrastructure, including pumps and storage tanks, to be $29,000 USD. To kickstart our fundraising efforts, Appfire has generously pledged to match the first $10,000 USD donated, doubling the impact of your contribution.

How You Can Help: Your support is instrumental in bringing clean, accessible water to Engoyasi Village. Every donation, no matter how small, will contribute to the realization of this life-changing initiative. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of the Maasai families, alleviating their water-related hardships and empowering them to thrive.

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